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What's your problem?

When meeting someone for the first time, I'm often asked what I do for a living. After explaining that I do small business computer network consulting I frequently hear, "You should come over to our place. Our computers never work!" Many times when I follow up with that business, I'm told they already have a "computer guy", and aren't interested in making a change.

If you're a small business owner, you shouldn't have to endure months or even years of poor performance from your computers, your server, your software, your email, your Internet connection, or your people who complain about it daily. Let's be honest. Computers, servers, software, email and the Internet are your business. Without them, you'd be out of business.

Yet, many companies put up with poor performance from these critical business tools because they either don't have a trusted computer and networking consultant, or, the one they have hasn't solved the ongoing problems. I clean up the messes that others leave behind. This has been an underlying foundation of my business for almost 20 years.

You don't want a "computer guy." You want a problem solver. You want The PC Doctor.

My Services

You can focus on running your business. I'll make it run smoothly.


Microsoft Windows Networking Services

I started building networks way back when, using was Microsoft's very first networkable Windows operating system. Rest assured, we've come a long way since 1993.

Using Windows Server and Active Directory security, I'll keep all your computers talking to each other in a civilized manner, and make sure you have the added security you need with a centralized list of domain users, and password protection. Efficiency of computer network management is the key.


Microsoft Exchange Server Consulting

Managing email is a top priority for any business. Microsoft Exchange Server provides seamless integration into your Windows network, and provides a single repository for every employee's mail. I'll help you showcase your company and build your brand with each email you send with Microsoft Exchange.

And, while we're on the subject, I have industry partners who can delete annoying and dangerous spam email before it ever gets to your Inbox.


We don't need no stinking backups!

That is, until your computer's hard drive crashes and makes that Excel spreadsheet you just spent the last month finishing vanish into thin air.

Even servers, which have a certain amount of redundancy built into them, can come to a screeching halt making your critical line of business software inaccessible.

I have access to the latest data backup strategies, including encrypted backup to the cloud. It's a no-muss, no-fuss way to insure your business against data loss.

Data Protection

The Security You Need

Protecting your network from intrusion is a top priority in today's interconnected business environment. You need a strong gate keeper at the first place your Internet connection enters your building. Proven Watchguard Technologies hardware blocks potential threats before they ever get into your network.

Each computer on your network, including your server, needs solid antivirus protection. Eset Antivirus software provides protection for your computers, servers and mail servers to catch viruses before they do damage that can grind your productivity to a halt.


High Speed Internet and VPN

I have worked with all the top Internet providers in our area, and will recommend the best Internet Service Provider solution for you, sized according to YOUR needs, not what some sales guy tells you that you need.

Network Services

Network design and construction

The time to plan your computer network installation is before you start construction. Or, at least, before the dry wall is hung. Most people are beyond that point with an existing network infrastructure, or one needing to be extended. I can look at your situation and recommend the best option for installing or designing your network backbone.


Server Configuration and On-site PC Repair

I recommend one, and only one computer hardware manufacturer. Dell Computer Corporation provides the most reliable, easy to maintain computers and servers on the market today. Their warranty protection and customer service are second to none. With that kind of endorsement, you'd think they pay me to say that. They don't.

I've been fixing computer hardware almost since the time personal computers were introduced into the small business environment. Even though I don't build servers and computers anymore, I know how to keep them running. I can fix most any computer or server hardware issue, and if I can't, I know someone who can, usually the same day.

Other Services

Whatever You Need

I clean up other people's messes. It's what I do.

Computer hard drives can accumulate lots of extraneous software, files, and folders that slow down your computer and take up space. I know what to safely eliminate.

Then there's that wiring rat's nest in your wiring closet. You don't know what any of it does, or where it goes, but you're afraid to unplug or move anything for fear of bringing the whole network down.

I know where it goes, and what it does, and I can get rid of the rat's nest for good.

The Doctor Is In

Joe Lightner, The PC Doctor

Joe Lightner I spent 25 years in radio broadcasting, both behind the microphone, and in advertising sales. In 1997, I decided I needed to make a career change and I discovered my love for computers and helping small businesses.

My first experience with computers was in 1982 as the designer and programmer of music rotation software for my radio station, WRBR-FM. I stayed active in hands on, real world computer hardware and software applications setting up the first networked digital radio commercial system at WAOR-FM in the early '90s.

When I started The PC Doctor in 1997, I was active in both the home computer and business networking market. In about mid-2001, I chose to concentrate exclusively on my small business clients, and have continued that focus to today.


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